Farm Holiday Villages Of Borki - The Surrounding Area
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The Surrounding Area

The villages and settlements of BORKI, are located on the edge of the Wilderness Boreckiej (the name comes from the name of the village of Wilderness, which is a village was founded by the brothers Borkowie), between the Lakes: Litygajno (162ha) and Łaźno (572ha)
The location of the holding in silence and peace Borkach guarantees for those who are looking for
During the long, pedestrian or bicycle/walking or excursions to Wilderness, after the planned routes you can admire its rich landscapes-the numerous hills, deep valleys, as well as forest lakes-twory glacier.
Wilderness Boreckiej you can also encounter deer, wild boar, czaple, eagles, and living in the wild Wisent.
At a distance of 8.3 km from Borek in the vicinity with terrace to the Wolisko, GiĹźycko County separated pen you can meet the bison.